,,,,it, but one of my, for lack of a better word, ''discoveries'' finally saw print, and even more of a miracle, I was for the very first time, given an actual acknowledgement. Go have a look at PROLOGUE (which is the official magazine of record for the National Records and Archives Administration down in the US) if you are so inclined. I'm mentioned on the very last page. Not much to brag about in the big scheme of things, but color me happy none the less.
...tanithryudo, a somewhat belated happy birthday! I knew I should have read my calendar a bit more closely!
...tanithryudo, a very happy birthday!
...wish my dear friend cashew a very happy birthday!
...catch a showing of Cap 2 after all. I liked. A lot. And by 'a lot'', I mean I am deeply annoyed I can't see the thing again on the big screen. I got my money's worth on this one. It was pitch perfect in terms of characters and themes. How often does THAT happen in movies these days? See it if you can.


A bit silly, and not at all persuasive when you know as much about Gandalf as I do, but still, I was amused.
...to reply to cashew's entries? What the hell is up with that?
....I went on Google Maps and tracked down a street view of the house I grew up in. I was surprised to find the thing is still standing. It must be nearly 60 years old by now. I last saw it in 2001 when I visited my hometown, and last stepped foot in it way back in August, 1985. Not sure of how I feel about this, really. Odd is about the best way to describe it. What was the point of even bothering to do this? Oh well. I'll just chalk it up to yet another thing I don't understand about myself.
....today I ought to wish tanithryudo a very Happy Birthday!
....we lost poor Sasami last night. She was twelve. We think she had colon cancer, but can't really be sure. We couldn't afford to take her to a vet, so we just had to wait it out. Fortunately, she didn't seem to be in much pain, and was mobile until the last few hours. Not a good way to end the summer. At all. I am going to miss my poor, dear baby.
...as fuck. I have been locked out of my gmail account. It has supposedly been disabled. If the message I am getting can be believed, I am supposed to give Google my phone number to get back in. That is not happening. Not sure what to do next.

Update: figured out the alternative password recovery system. In at at last. All seems as it should be. God, still annoyed, but glad the account was not compromised.
.....in case anyone was wondering. Dying of the heat. Not much else to report as yet.
....to remind everyone I am still alive. My personal situation is pretty bleak at the moment. I am unemployed and without an income. My personal finances have completely melted down. I am so completely fucked. How I am going to get out of this, I simply don't know. I am just so lost right now. If it weren't for the charity and loyalty of my room-mates, I would be right out on the street. So, ya know, not feeling too great about life right now.
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